Facebook Fundraisers

On the top bar of your laptop click Create and select Fundraiser

Once you have decided that you do want to create a fundraiser, Facebook will ask you to select a non-profit. TYpe “MLD Foundation” into the search box and select us.

Select your nonprofit

When it’s time to share your fundraiser, Facebook will pop this window, suggesting a possible text to “tell your story”.

Storytell your life

Thi is your place

“I’ve chosen this nonprofit because their mission means a lot to me,” Facebook suggests to write. In this conception, raising funds for a charity is just another way to tailor your virtual self and to express a sense of belonging, akin to sharing a political post or a romantic picture with your partner. It’s a replica of the same echo (ego) chamber mechanism that causes us to cluster in groups of private interests, losing sight of the possibility of a common, shared good.

On social media, it’s all always about you and your damn story. But altruism shouldn’t be a prosecution of the ego by other means. Quite the opposite, it should be about, well, others.

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